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Sparkly, Sprinkly Things

I’ve always liked things that sparkle.  Somewhere in the recesses of what’s left of my mind, there’s a voice saying that, “Boys (men) don’t like sparkly things…”  That probably springs from homophobic prejudice(s) in the West.  Or, it could harken … Continue reading

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When I Was Immortal

It doesn’t seem that long ago… and it seems a lifetime ago.  Gee, to be exact, it’s my lifetime ago.  I was young and the thought of the end of my life—go ahead, Bill, say death—was not even a blip … Continue reading

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Blasé and So-on…

I recently saw Daniel Day Lewis in Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln.”  It is a beautifully done motion picture and demonstrated how much effort was made by both Lincoln and others to pass the 13th Amendment, and how close it came to … Continue reading

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