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The Critic in my Head

I think we learn, at a very young age, to seek approval from our parents.  It seems to me that it is instinctive to infants; we learn that when we do something that makes mom or dad happy, we get … Continue reading

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Powers and Abilities far Beyond Those of Mortal Men

Back when I was five- or six-years-old, I wanted, more than anything, to grow up to be Superman.  I hadn’t gone to first grade yet, so I hadn’t been taught to read, but once I figured out that The Adventures … Continue reading

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Keeping My Cool (?)

I try to maintain my temper… to “keep my cool,” as it were.  And I’ve gotten much better at it as I’ve mellowed into old age.  Perhaps mellowed and old age are not an accurate description of the process.  It … Continue reading

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