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What Was She Thinking?

Have you ever watched an event transpiring and said to yourself, “This can’t be happening?”  The first time it happened to me was in the second grade.  And, to this day, I am still amazed at what occurred. Okay.  Let … Continue reading

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Not Covered

We’re done for.  I’ve said it before and my position only grows stronger.  In a past post called Healthcare Will Kill Us All, I explained the process it took from telling my primary care physician that I felt I’d torn … Continue reading

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Amazing Coincidences!

It’s often curious to me how people can manage to find a coincidence whenever they need one.  Instead of just following their heart and doing what they want to do on its own merit—for no other reason that it makes … Continue reading

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Tossing Grenades

I was born nine years after the end of WWII; immediately following the Korean War.  Being of the post-war “Boomer” generation, many of the toys I had during my formative years were war toys.  True, we also had cowboy pistols … Continue reading

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