The Unexamined Life

According to Plato, Socrates said, at his trial for impiety and corrupting youth, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”

I have examined my life. I do it all the time. However, it’s not a text-book example of an examination. To me, that sounds rather scientific. An examination. Ooooh… serious! An inspection. An investigation! An analysis of one’s life.

Mine is more like a perpetual question of Continue reading

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Temper… Temper…

I hate it! I really do! I am so frustrated at my lack of progress in my life. I realize that there is only one path—that being the one towards self-realization and Heaven—so I know I’m on the path, but I’m absolutely sure I am moving in the wrong direction. One can either move towards or away. And every time I allow myself a smidgen of a possibility, a twinkling of an idea that I may be progressing upwards on my path, I drive on the stupid Southern California freeways! Continue reading

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Dumber Than a First Grader

Is my inability to understand computers and grasp the concept of the Internet and all its wonders nothing more than a result of being born a generation too early? Why does a five-year-old know how to write code and apps while I can’t remember something as simple as my password? Continue reading

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No One is the Villain in Their Own Life

I knew something was about to happen.  Following the previous evening’s events, something was bound to happen, had to happen.  It was my senior year of high school and the evening before, another friend and I had been in a physical altercation with some others in the street in front of my house. Continue reading

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The Librarian

I didn’t know her, but I was afraid. She was an imposing woman of grey hair, twisted tightly and somehow bolted in a bun to the top of her head. As cliché as it may sound, around her neck was a delicate chain to which was attached a pair of half-glasses; and those were perched out near the tip of her nose.

She was an imposing figure to me. I looked at her, standing beyond and in some way above the great counter. She had to be standing on something! The old woman seemed Continue reading

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Pushing My Comfort Zone

I was scared to death.  Okay, maybe not death because I didn’t die.  But I thought I might.  I seriously thought my heart could possibly stop.  Or explode.  Yes, explode was how it felt. I was only in my early 30’s so I was sure it was strong and healthy.  Still, it sure felt like it was going to burst from my chest.

Some months before, I had decided that I’d like to try my hand at Continue reading

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The Critic in my Head

I think we learn, at a very young age, to seek approval from our parents.  It seems to me that it is instinctive to infants; we learn that when we do something that makes mom or dad happy, we get positive attention.

Somewhere in our third year of life we begin to discover Continue reading

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Powers and Abilities far Beyond Those of Mortal Men

Back when I was five- or six-years-old, I wanted, more than anything, to grow up to be Superman.  I hadn’t gone to first grade yet, so I hadn’t been taught to read, but once I figured out that The Adventures of Superman was on TV weekday afternoons at 3:30, I’d be glued to the set each day. I can hear the announcer now… Continue reading

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Keeping My Cool (?)

I try to maintain my temper… to “keep my cool,” as it were.  And I’ve gotten much better at it as I’ve mellowed into old age.  Perhaps mellowed and old age are not an accurate description of the process.  It might, more conceivably, be described as stumbling into decrepitude.  Be that as it may, I’m much less prone, for the most part, to fly off the handle and scream at Continue reading

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Wishing I Could Take Back an Arrow

There’s always a moment, perhaps a split-second before you do anything, take any action, in which you can change your mind.  I can recall standing on the high-diving board, when I was a kid, and attempting to get the courage to jump.  I’d stare down at the clear, azure water below me, the sunlight flickering off the dancing surface of the water.  My senses were so heightened Continue reading

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Looking for Joy

Recently I was watching The Bucket List and there’s a scene where Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman are sitting on top of one of the pyramids in Giza.  Morgan Freeman’s character tells Jack Nicholson’s that the ancient Egyptians believed that when you got to Heaven, you were asked two questions and Continue reading

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Not Quite Fifty Shades

I’ve been writing my blog and publishing books.  I really enjoy it; conceivably more than anything I’ve ever done, with the possible exception of playing Little League Baseball.  For the most part, they’re stories about my life, the people I meet and the lessons I’ve (hopefully) learned.  I’ve been struggling with my next book because I’m attempting to write about my Addictive Personality Disorder and all of the Continue reading

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Giblets, a Dime and Quarter

I return to my childhood and, within my mind’s ear, I can clearly hear my mother’s oft-repeated lament, “May you, one day, have children of your own.”  Her wisdom within that sentence—also heard by her from her mother—is prophetic and profound. And possibly a curse?  Becoming a parent is Continue reading

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You Da Man!

It’s the growing popularity of golf which drove me away from it.  That, and idiots.

I was recently watching the Masters Golf Tournament on television.  It’s been quite a while since I played the game with any seriousness, and I can’t recall the last time I watched a tournament on television.  Actually, I got frustrated with Continue reading

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On Being Rich

There was a time in my life when I was relatively financially successful.  I drove a nice car.  My (now ex-) wife did, too.  We had a lovely tract home in an upscale community which was nicely furnished and our closets were full of clothing.

And my favorite thing to do on Sundays was to take us, Continue reading

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Oh, Sugar Sugar

When I was a youth, I believe the single most important thing in my life was candy.  In the past, I’ve mentioned my love for baseball; my Little League years being some of the best times of my life.  But as I look back over my life and ponder what was most important to me, Continue reading

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The Day I Peed My Pants

I was in sixth grade.  Wait.  I didn’t really pee my pants.  Let me begin with that.  But of all the times in my earlier days, when I peed my pants and nobody noticed, why did the time I didn’t pee my pants get noticed?  I mean, I was grown up to the age of… what are you in sixth grade? 11? 12?  It must have been Continue reading

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Hopefully I was right.

A few weeks ago, my youngest child turned 18-years-old.  He finally made that age-of-majority threshold!  Lately he’s had a few auditions so I’ve been getting to spend some time with him.  He lives in South Orange County and the drive into L.A. can be tedious, at best.  But, for the most part, that is, when I don’t have Continue reading

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My Friend, Steve

I want to tell you about my friend, Steve.

I’ve known some pretty nice people in my life, and Steve DeCuir ranks towards the top of that list. He has never Continue reading

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Remembering an Angel

I played golf recently— Wait. Let me begin again. I was invited, for the 19th consecutive year, to play golf in the Annual United Cerebral Palsy of the Inland Empire’s Dennis James Golf Classic. I brought my clubs and I flailed around mightily; every now and again actually striking the ball. But, despite my failing game and Continue reading

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